Inari Washington photo of a model against a translucent background blurring the scene in the far background
Using the translucent plastic background softens the scene behind the model while adding texture and movement for a unique look.

Inari Briana had saved a “look” on her Pinterest board years back of a background look that piqued her interest. While setting up a recent shoot with the Nikon Z f mirrorless camera, she decided it was the ideal background for the location.

I wanted to try something new regarding my own style of work. I’ve always wanted to branch out and use other types of backdrops rather than the typical colored paper or textured cloth.

Inari had to figure out how to replicate the look she was after, since the original image she’d seen didn’t have an explanation as to how it was executed. She used a translucent sheet of plastic material clipped onto a backdrop stand to intentionally blur and soften the background behind the model.

Inari Washington photo of a model standing in an off white outfit in front of a translucent backdrop
The movement of the backdrop mimics the movement by the model’s pose while at the same time letting the location show through.

She explained, “I wanted to utilize the colors of my surroundings but only to a certain degree,” adding “I think the barn seeping in the background helped set the tone for the entire photo.”

Inari made images that had the translucent plastic material completely covering the scenery behind the model as well as images with a distinct edge, showing part of the altered background mixed with part of the real-life scene.

Inari Washington photo of a model standing in front of a translucent backdrop with a farmhouse in the distance
In this image, the translucent backdrop doesn’t quite cover the scene in the background, leaving a distinct juxtaposition/contrast of a portion of the sky.

In the image that the translucent material completely softens the background Inari explains, “Something about the edges not being there felt cinematic to me. Felt like we were in an entirely new space.” She went on, “The photos showing the edges (above) were unintended to be honest but brought a certain charm to the image. Because of the plastic, it felt like it was blending into the sky like a drawing.”

Upon sharing these images on her social channels, Inari was surprised when she received mixed feedback. “You don’t need to understand what’s going on in the image to appreciate it and that’s okay,” Inari says. “At the end of the day, I am very proud of my images and it spoke volumes to so many people, especially me as a photographer,” she concludes.

Inari Briana

Inari Briana is a 27-year-old commercial and editorial photographer born, raised, and based in Atlanta, GA. She has worked for notable brands and publications such as Savage X Fenty, Meta and Cîroc. Her photography career has continued to emerge through a remarkable style of storytelling. She prides herself on collaborating with likeminded individuals and showcasing thought-provoking work through her photographs. Whether Inari is collaborating with other creatives or providing a platform for other POC photographers, she prides herself on showcasing timeless representation through colorful imagery. She’s influenced by photographers: Adrienne Raquel, Renell Medrano, Diwang Valdez, Donte & Ahmad (ABDM), Peggy Sirota and Annie Leibovitz.

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